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Why Choose Myconian K Hotels and Spa?

Why Choose Myconian K Hotels and Spa?

Perfect location 

The Myconian K Hotels and Spa is ideally located in an elevated position overlooking Mykonos Town and the Ancient Island of Delos. Mykonos Town is easily accessible by foot and various forms of transport are readily available to whisk you away to the beautiful beaches of Mykonos.


We offer modern-comforts and conveniences for budget conscious travellers. Double rooms provide stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Superior rooms are available with a private terrace and Jacuzzi spa.

Personalized service

Our skilled and knowledgeable staff will ensure you enjoy an unforgettable holiday and experience everything Mykonos has to offer. Transfers to and from the airport and harbour are included exclusively to guests that use the Myconian Collection online booking system.

Exclusive Thalasso Spa

Indulge yourself with your choice of one-of-a-kind spa treatments at our Thalasso Spa Centre. We offer the highest quality products in a charming, relaxed setting.

Unique dining experience 

Guests may enjoy light snacks and meals throughout the day. A relaxed atmosphere can be found poolside and a more elegant dining experience can be had in the dining room, with stunning views of the town and harbour. In the evening, guests may enjoy a cocktail at the various hotel lounges.


Mykonos offers visitors some of the best beaches in the world; Paranga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari and Elia are just a few. There are various forms of transport available to move you from one area of the island to another.